I saw this on Pinterest today,  Thanks to  www.blessedarethefeet.com/give-every-day-shine/     new-year It struck home that  I need to set goals for my blog for the brand spankin new, sparkly, do-over, blank canvas, full of promise, and hopeful NEW YEAR!!                                                            GOALS!!                                                    You could think of goals as a recipe for your success? There are short term, and long term goals.  Goals are written to carry out or attain a desired outcome.  They will most likely need to be modified, reviewed and most likely will be changed once, twice, maybe more or if you are lucky maybe less.  I love this graphic because of all its ideas of how you can improve or change your goals.

  • It’s a “Brand Spankin New Year”…..make it what you want it to be, you can continue to do what you have done in the past (if it has been working, GO YOU) or you can change it up and make it BRAND NEW, see if it will work better.  It’s a second chance.  It’s a new beginning.  Make it what you want it to be.
  • “Sparkly”… says you set goals to make yourself SHINE, STAND OUT from the crowd (if you want to) or sparkly silently, for yourself…  Show them what you are made of!!
  • “Do-Over”…  given the chance to make your goals better, or different, or UNIQUE!!!
  • “Blank Canvas”… I’ve seen numerous quotes stating something like this is the first page of a 365 page book, so make it a good one…well I would think of this blank canvas as the start of another BRILLIANT IDEA or PICTURE!!  GO FOR IT!
  • “Full Of Promise”…  is just that.
  • “Hopeful”… Dream, gather up your courage and make your dreams real!!

Make your goals attainable.  Be Realistic so you are not disappointed.  Be specific.  When you set goals, you give yourself direction….boost confidence, and get motivation.


Goals can be scary….  monday-quotes-set-your-goal13

Start with a dream….

write it down…

make a plan…

work hard…..

                                                achieve success

I have a lot of dreams, I have not set my blog’s goals for 2015 yet.   I have some goals that have been ongoing in my personal life, the majority of them are long range.  When I started this blog I had no idea how to plan out my goals,  and follow a plan…..therefore I have not achieved what success that I have dreamed of.  So if you care to ride along with me as I try to figure out my pathway, make my plan, work on it with dedication, willpower, sacrifice………

hopefully some day we can achieve success.

Reach for the moon so you can touch the stars, and leave no stone unturned….




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