About Linda…..



So what can I say…..I have been crafting forever.

As a little girl I always wanted “something to make”, and probably drove my parents crazy.  Mom sewed all my clothes, reupholstered furniture, made curtains and draperies, gardened, and baked.  Dad was a DIY fool!             He completely revamped, rebuilt, or built new in every room in our house a couple of times over.  So where do I get my passion for Creating Things for MyselfI never knew there was any other way.  I absolutely LOVE the rewarding, satisfied feeling I get from anything crafty.

So I hope you will join me in my little corner of the universe, and journey with me while I share with you crafts, DIY projects, recipes, and anything crafty in life.

I have been happily married to my wonderful husband for over 30 years, I have a beautiful 20+ year old daughter who graduated from Boston University in May, 2013.  She now lives in Boston, Mass.  We miss her being nearby, but she hopes to come back to her roots in the future.  (Feeling hopeful)  I work full time in the local high school as an in the classroom instructional aide.  We have 4 fur babies (dogs) who I could never imagine my life without.  I became a certified teacher for Duncan ceramics years ago, and have sold my finished ceramic pieces, fabric creations, and floral crafts, to friends, family, in craft fairs, co-ops and antique/craft malls ever since.  I am now taking my business up a notch to share my creativity with you.

Thanks for reading.  Please join me, but most of all



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