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Monday, Monday……


Monday, Monday… all know the drill.

Monday, Monday….

Monday is once a week.






 I have been MIA for awhile….Life keeps getting in my way.  (excuse #1)


This past weekend I have come to realize

that I really am fooling myself.

It took being called a


                           many times over,  for me to realize this.

The absolutely last time was this past weekend, and by whom?

My husband of all people =(  .

I have had my share of many “business ventures” that really were not “business ventures” I did what I enjoyed, ceramics and painting (aka Shaw-Ramics) as a hobby, and kept dreaming and dreaming of it becoming my full time job.

Are you kidding me????


I never really understood how to move forward to make it a definite business.  There was no guidance available for me to learn, no help.  If I tried to talk to anyone in my family, etc I was laughed at and told



“You can’t make a living doing that”

“What are you, Crazy?”

I also worked outside the home full time.

Now don’t get me wrong, they were both lucrative, part time incomes that paid for my “Habit” but that was as far as it went.  I knew that, but had no idea of or how to move forward.

“What next”                        “Who can HELP me?”                                                                                          And no one supported me to find help, but just laughed at me.  There was no internet, as we have the internet that we do today!  It was just starting, and well….I kept my dream alive, day by day, month by month, year by year for myself, to continue longing and dreaming to work for myself…. Then….Life happens, I was blessed with my daughter and she is the best thing that ever happened to me.

So I continued dreaming of my hobby, but spent my days caring for her while I now worked from home.

CraftiLadi was now born…

I did phone work but also tried my hand creating finished crafts in to sell at Craft Co-Ops/Antique Shops and Craft Malls.  This was not profitable which I was reminded of not very nicely either….I then had one of my down moments and I GAVE UP!!!

No, NO, NO!!!  They say…

Fast forward to today.

Sorry such a long post, but an important one.

As I have been working 2 necessary jobs I have been thrown back into school here say…internet school around those jobs.  The wonderful world of Facebook has introduced me to some wonderful people, creative people, business people, coaches, entrepreneurs and just plain extremely successful, caring, crafty creatives who are people who do not have a problem sharing their knowledge with everyone. Some of this information is free and some is paid…..

I am so overwhelmed.  But it is a good overwhelm.

So going forward….

Don’t Talk – Act







Have a crafti  day everyone.


Jamie’s Handcrafted Tree 2014



Jamie’s Tree


When our daughter Jamie was born and growing up…..I decided that each year I would give her an ornament dated for that year.

Mouse in a slipper

Mouse in a slipper

When she got older and left our nest, got married or whatever pathway she chose to take in life…                                                   she would have a collection of ornaments to take with her.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I searched stores and craft shows                                                     all the time for handmade, meaningful ornaments.

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