Happy New Year 2015 and My 500 Words Writing Challenge

So here we are 2015….the holidays are over, 2014 is over….it’s sad, my break from work is almost over.  I have been trying to get back to writing and creating for Craftiladi, and life just keeps getting in my way.emily after surgery

I was coming home from the beach after summer vacation, to go back to my real job as an in the classroom instructional aide, when my youngest dog Emily had her “accident”…

if that is what we should call it.  We woke up one morning and she couldn’t walk….how could a two-year old dog be paralyzed?  Well long story short she ended up having emergency back surgery…..then rehabilitation, etc, etc.  We have a Dr. appointment  next week.  Emily is mobile, but not 100%.  How disappointing to spend so much money, time, effort and heartache only to watch her disappointment when she can’t do the things that she used to do so carefree….but I need to be positive.  She is happy, no longer in pain, and mobile.

The Monday after Thanksgiving I almost completely lost the vision in my right eye.  Trying to wait a few days thinking that the floaters would clear, I finally went to the doctor.  Guess who had emergency retinal laser surgery?  That really delayed my holiday preparations.  I had a retinal tear that was fused back together, but my vision still is not 100%.  But I can see, so once again I  need to be more positive….

So in my attempt to try to get back to Craftiladi I have taken a writing challenge…..the goal here is to write 500 words each and every day for 31 days….I hope I can do this…. but everyone has to start somewhere.  So maybe since I have committed to this, it may help and give me a bit of an incentive???  I have nothing to lose.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  I have been looking at a lot of craft sites, and blogs.  And Pinterest!!!  OMG How much do you all LOVE PINTEREST!!!!  I added some more trees this year to my decorations… (bedrooms).  We used to put a tree up in my daughter’s room, then got away from that.  She was too “OLD” for that, but guess what?  She’s 23 now (not too old anymore, just home for the holiday though) and has quite a collection of handmade ornaments, thanks to my mom.

Paper snowflake tutorial from Martha Stewart

Paper snowflake tutorial from Martha Stewart

So now since Santa has come and gone we must focus on the long, cold winter.  Snow, Snowflakes and Snowmen!  I love snowmen sooooo much!!  I have done Christmas decorating in the past with snowmen, just so I didn’t have to take them down right after Christmas

I’m not really big on New Year’s resolutions,  I have always tried to exercise and eat healthy.  I want to focus more on Craftiladi, and some DIY projects in 2015 that have been haunting me for a few years.  So I hope you all had a great New Years and I wish you much love, health, happiness and lots, and lots of crafti days to make you happy!!




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