Thanksgiving is in 3 weeks….oh my…..

Turkey, stuffing, cranberry salad, nut bread, cooking, baking, crafting, creating new recipes…..OH MY!!

Thanksgiving give thanks3 Weeks From Today is Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving turkeySo the decorating should continue…..I just realized a little bit ago that 3 weeks from today will be Thanksgiving Day!.  I have collected alot of Thanksgiving crafty decor also….

Time sure does fly. Then 3 ½ weeks after that is Christmas. I adore this time of the year. So excited that DD will be coming home for a few days for each holiday.  I have been missing her a lot recently, and my parents too.  Been busy getting summer put away and winter taken out.  I really wish that Mother Nature would make up her mind. One day it’s in the 70’s and the next day it’s in the 30’s.

Thanksgiving stuffed turkeys

We all have special family recipes that we carry on through the generations, as we leave the nest. Mr. C.’s family isn’t big on traditions, so we spent most of our holiday dinners with my parents. I am really big on the traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Mom always made sure that we had a feast on our table to give thanks, no matter of the time of day. Many holidays we ate our feast at noon, since my dad worked different shifts. He most always worked holidays instead of turning down the time and a half or double time and a half. I love getting up early that morning to get Tom the turkey in the oven, get a big cup of coffee and enjoy the parades! I will share some of my favorite recipes in the days to come.

Thanksgiving 2To me Thanksgiving means family, love and being thankful for all of my blessings….

What are your favorite things about the Thanksgiving holiday? Do you have the traditional dinner, or did you start your own tradition?

Whatever you do, I would love to hear about it….


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